Distance health providing centers, establishing medical and paramedical teams and employing a significant number of experienced work forces, is attempting to meet both the general health care needs of the society and the needs of health service provider groups. Currently, we have a contact center in Tehran and 4 satellite centers in Kermanshah, Zabol, Qom and Tabriz, all of which have been set up in the form of an interconnected network to serve each other. Contact numbers of 8999 for Tehran, and 3030 as a national number for connecting to the local contact center and using services of country’s center if needed, are determined without any area code. All contacts after connecting to a competent advisor are recorded and all information and coordination of the consultation are also stored as files. The contact, depending to the audience’s requirement, may be followed by a chain of subsequent callbacks, that necessary provisions in this regard are considered. In addition to telephone answering services, providing consultation through web services and sites www.8999.ir are also offered and activated.

Barakatel Company, a subdivision of Setad, has been established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education according to the supreme leader’s guidances and considering social justice, particularly providing services in deprived areas, with emphasis on constructive and continues activities in the health field and extending of coverage across the country.

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