Two different kind of hospital system have been produced in Barakatel with two totally different approaches, one of which has been developed and the other is under developing.

The first format, specified for general, non-specialized customer, the current, operational, financial, and insurance affairs of the hospitals are more considered, as most of HIS in the country. Although some technical features like web or the use of the Java programming language has increased its ability than other software in the country.

The second format which is a HIS system with educational, research and management capabilities as well as improved processes, connection to the first layer services, and smart alarm systems is currently under the production and more than 40% of which is been completed. One of the features of both formats is data and process integration between multi-hospital systems under coverage.

Barakatel Company, a subdivision of Setad, has been established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education according to the supreme leader’s guidances and considering social justice, particularly providing services in deprived areas, with emphasis on constructive and continues activities in the health field and extending of coverage across the country.

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