Mobile based technologies and mobile devices can test blood glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol – ECG and blood pressure for patients, and then send obtained data to the Medical Center so that, after interpretation, relevant results are sent back to the sender in the form of a consultation by a physician or other specialist. For example, BARAKAT E-HEALTH’s blood glucose measuring device is a device that is connected to mobile phones and is able to measure a person's blood sugar anywhere and anytime. Users can easily perform this test at home, no need to the physician, and then send the relevant data automatically to the physician. distance health provider Center of BARAKAT E-HEALTH , employing experienced physician receives the transferred data by the patient full time and having studied patient’s electronic health records and blood glucose changes diagram which have been sent in the periods before, the response of the patient's health status regarding blood glucose is sent back to him/her through a message and recommendations are provided if needed. This facility is also possible for other tests, such as triglycerides and cholesterol. However, transmission of ECG data in this way is an interesting feature, could be useful especially for patients at risk for heart attacks.

Barakatel Company, a subdivision of Setad, has been established in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Medical Education according to the supreme leader’s guidances and considering social justice, particularly providing services in deprived areas, with emphasis on constructive and continues activities in the health field and extending of coverage across the country.

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